Filmmaker shares what Bowe Bergdahl documentary is all about

Posted at 9:39 PM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 23:39:46-04


Six On Your Side spoke exclusively with the only man who has interviewed Bowe Bergdahl and his parents on camera. Sean Langan's has a unique perspective from inside and outside of the courtroom. Langan is a British film maker who is wrapping up a documentary on Bowe Bergdahl. Now after three years of traveling, taking notes, interviewing dozens of people all over the country, Langan has a story to tell. "I might add, I remember some television networks saying he's going off base and was a strategic value to the enemy, in fact, we're learning the opposite."

Langan interviewed Bergdahl at an undisclosed location in Texas last year. An interview that some say Bergdahl appeared a bit defiant, but in fact was just upset with what then candidate Donald Trump said about him. "You might as well go back to the kangaroo courts and lynch mobs. They got what they wanted." Langan added, "that was the only note of defiance, I think this is a man that I think after two weeks in court is less defiant because he sat through some of the most powerful testimony who risked their lives to save him."

The British film maker shared an interesting story of how after bergdahl had issued an apology to anyone who risked their lives looking for him, he went outside the courthouse and spoke with members of the military. "After that I was talking to soldiers outside and they said that's all we needed to finally draw a close to this. We needed to hear him apologize, it allowed us closure to move on."

And full closure will come soon when the military judge decides Bergdahl's fate.