Exploring zip lines at Eagle Island Snow Park

Posted at 6:10 PM, Nov 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-26 20:10:56-05

The Eagle Island Snow Park opens tomorrow and if you visit, you’ll notice some big changes.

For instance, the huge wooden towers that make up a brand new zip line adventure.  The half-million dollar project is part of a booming industry and should be up and running before Christmas.

Steve Gustafson, owner of Zip Boise, was one of the first zip line developers in the country.  He built the zip line at Tamarack, in Horseshoe Bend and now one at Eagle Island.

“The tour consists of six zip lines, the shortest is 400 feet.  The longest is our patented triple wide which is 1,100 feet and the zip lines carry you over the eastside of the lake here,” Gustafson says.

He also tells On Your Side It’s a good time to be in the zip line industry as ski areas add courses to bring in money in the off season.

"Three years ago, the National Forest Service opened up their use permits for summer operations so you see a lot of ski resorts going to zip lines because to only operate three months of the year and carry expenses for 12 months is a hard biz model."

Gustafson says he hopes to run 20,000 people down the new zip lines every year.