Eagle Rodeo prepares for first event at Avimor

Eagle Rodeo moves to Avimor
Posted at 10:33 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 00:33:44-04

    In it's 17th year, the Eagle Rodeo is taking a big step up.... all the way to Avimor.
    The rodeo was ousted from it's old location near downtown Eagle last year.
    But organizers say it's new location is exactly what was needed.
After 16 years in cramped quarters, the Eagle Rodeo is enjoying spreading out..
"It spells and feels like rodeo everywhere.  The backdrop is beautiful and there's lot of land and lots of natural beauty out here.  I think people will really enjoy being here rather than the other spot that was so congested."
The rodeo will be held this year on a large farm next to the Avimor subdivision.
One year after joining the ranks of the PRCA, the rodeo is hoping to capitalize with four times as much parking, and other additions.
"All professional contestants from all over the world to come and ride in front of these crowds.  There's a big screen information board which is brand new. And WPRA barrel racing pro racers."
The rodeo opens with slack events Wednesday and then rodeo's Thursday through Saturday.