Donut + Dog attracts hundreds of local foodies

Posted at 1:11 PM, Jul 31, 2019

MERIDIAN, Idaho — This morning the Village at Meridian officially welcomed their new business, Donut + Dog. This restaurant may be new to Meridian, but it's not the first. Owners Nicole and Will Primavera started Donut + Dog in Nashville, TN. After experiencing massive success, the two decided it was time to expand their business. So why Meridian? The couple says that Idaho aligns perfectly with their personal and professional morals adding it's a great area to raise their two young children.

According to Will, Donut + Dog is "all about the fun". Their menu is unique and fresh, the names are very creative and the presentation quite captivating. What you see is what you taste. Their donuts and dogs are your average donut or dog, they are brioche and the donuts take over 20 hours to prepare. But according to the Donut + Dog website the time and recipe makes them, "light to the bite, rich center, while not being heavy or overly sweet."

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