Crisis Standards of Care deactivated for most of state

Kootenai Health transitions to crisis standards of care
Posted at 9:51 AM, Nov 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-23 00:17:43-05

Crisis Standards of Care is deactivated in Idaho, with the exception of north Idaho.

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare announced Monday COVID-19 cases remain high and healthcare systems are still stressed, but the surge is no longer exceeding the healthcare resources available, except in north Idaho.

CSC is still in effect in Panhandle Health District, which includes counties Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah, and Shoshone. Healthcare systems across the state will operate with contingency operations.

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“Crisis Standards of Care was a decision that all of us were hoping to avoid. It's a decision of last resort. With Crisis Standards of Care being in place across the state for more than two months now, it has been a difficult decision, and unfortunately, that remains the situation in North Idaho," IDHW Director Dave Jeppesen said.

IDHW says it will be some time before healthcare systems return to full normal operations.

“It's not mission accomplished instead this is a moment we think where we can collect ourselves reflect on the innovations we’ve implemented, the things that we’ve learned, and pivot looking forward to how we're going to stop history from repeating itself by making wise decisions," Chief Executive Physician for St. Luke's Jim Souza said.

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Crisis Standards of Care were activated for all of Idaho on September 16 due to what IDHW called a 'massive increase' of COVID-19 patients needing hospitalization in all areas of Idaho has exhausted existing resources. CSC went into effect in north Idaho September 7 due to severe staff and bed shortages.

The Crisis Standards of Care Activation Advisory Committee met on November 19 and determined healthcare systems moved back to contingency operations, with the exception of the Panhandle Health District, according to IDHW. The committee recommended CSC be deactivated for most of the state to DHW Director Dave Jeppesen.