Crafting Connections: Boise's Eight Five One Jewelry offers affordable elegance

Posted at 4:14 AM, Apr 12, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-12 06:14:50-04

NORTH END, Idaho — Nia Coffey's lifelong passion for jewelry crafting has blossomed into Eight Five One Jewelry, a local gem in Boise's Hyde Park, captivating customers with its affordable yet stylish pieces.

  • Pieces can be purchased at Hayes Boutique in Hyde Park.
  • The pieces are all tarnish-free.
  • Jewelry can be purchasedon their website.

(Below is the transcript from the broadcast story)

Nia Coffey has been passionate about creating jewelry since she was 15 years old.

"I always did it on the side and started pursuing it full time 8 years ago," says Nia Coffey.

That's when she launched Eight Five One Jewelry. The company name, the address of her childhood home, where Coffey honed her craft, bringing the business to Boise one year ago.

The Hyde Park shopping space offers several styles, like affordable pieces, with an elevated aesthetic like tennis bracelets. Loyal customer Meg Sylvester says she hasn’t taken her 851 pieces off in over a month.

"It's tarnish-free jewelry that's super cool... and it's affordable... and they have a huge collection that you can just stack so you get that cool girl look... and you can just leave it on," says Meg Sylvester.

Despite making jewelry for years, Nia says bringing her business to Boise has been special.

"The community in Boise has just been incredible... people come in to support us and tag us and that’s something that I couldn't have anticipated," Nia says.

Beyond Boise, her business reaches shoppers nationwide, being sold by large e-commerce distributors and brands like Free People, Fashion Pass, Local Eclectic, and more. Her designs have even been sported by celebrities like The Hills’s Whitney Port.

But back in Boise, 851 remains a local gem tucked in the back of Hayes Boutique in Hyde Park where women are connecting.

"My favorite part is being able to meet amazing women, making them feel their most beautiful best selves… and the magic that happens in here I like to think leaves and it sort of translates to feeling good in whatever facet you’re going to walk through," says Coffey.