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Community Baby Shower is back and bigger than ever thanks to the continued support of Albertsons

In its 18th year, the Community Baby Shower will have 10 thousand dollars in matching funds as well as huge support from Albertsons to make community involvement easier than ever.
Posted at 8:55 AM, Jun 03, 2024

BOISE — The 18th annual Community Baby Shower runs through the 13th of June. Drop off diapers, baby clothes, wipes, formula, and many other baby items to help give young mothers a leg up.

Donations are used by local organizations as an incentive for young families to learn how to be the best parents possible.

You can support the 18th annual Community Baby Shower on the donation page here.

(Verbatim of story that aired is below.)

The 18th annual Community Baby Shower is underway. I’m senior reporter Roland Beres outside the lead sponsor for this great event, Albertsons. Why this huge company that got its start in our community is so dedicated to helping young families and children this time of year.

Albertsons has been a part of the annual baby shower for so long if it was an infant at the beginning, it’s now fully grown.

“18th annual baby shower so we’re excited to be part of it once again this year,” said Kathy Holland, Public Relations for Albertsons.

Albertsons put its significant resources and influence in the community behind an effort to help young mothers who need help and education.

“it’s not just giving them supplies it’s educating them on how to take care of their children how to be financially responsible how to be a better parent,” said Holland.

Holland is a parent of two just like me and even with resources, a new child throws your life upside down.

35 “Remember that first package of diapers? Oh yes. Much more expensive these days and I know how important it is to have all those baby supplies those families need as they’ve got a new baby at home to get a start, diapers wipes formula clothes pacifiers all those things you need so it’s great this event helps support those young families,” said Holland.

There are lots of big companies who give back, but few who have a connection to the community like Albertsons which has mostly been headquartered in Boise since the very beginning 84 years ago.

“it’s so important to us to give back to our community they have supported us for many years shopping in our stores and we want to be a good neighbor a good friend and want to support those who need a little hand up,” said Holland.

Idaho News 6 invites you to our 18th annual community baby shower, and you can donate now!

Proceeds go directly to local charities.

And this year, they go even further – with the Scripps Howard Fund matching donations up to 10 thousand dollars.

Then, join us on June 13th – you can drop off baby supplies at local Albertsons locations across the area.

All of your donations stay right here to help Idaho families with young children.