College of Idaho fall football camp wraps up

Posted at 10:10 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 19:40:08-04

Fall camp is the most challenging period for a football player during the year. Typically fall camp falls right around the hottest month or two in the year. While battling temperatures at their peak players are also pushing through physical and mental obstacles.

At the College of Idaho, this is one thing players know all too well. Senior defensive back Nikolas Lyons tells us, “fall camp is supposed to be tough and hard on our bodies so that during season we can grind and when it gets tough we can keep pushing through”. While head coach, Mike Moroski adds, “ it’s always a big challenge with the heat…”. 

Wednesday morning marked the second to last day of fall camp for the Yotes. On August 25th they’ll play their first game of the season in Oregon against Eastern Oregon University. With that game approaching quickly, a red shirt sophomore, Connor Richardson believes his team is ready for their game because “a lot of things are starting to come together offensively and defensively.”

With their bond, work ethic, and hands-on coaching staff, this NAIA team hopes in their fifth year to compete like any Division I program in the NCAA. You can find the Yotes Fall 2018 football schedule here.