Coach gives back

A football coach helps motivate kids off the field
Posted at 10:55 PM, Jul 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-04 00:55:27-04

Taking a diamond in the rough, and making it shine, is what J.D. Evans lives for.

For the past ten years, the man known as Coach "Bigs" works with low-income kids in the Treasure Valley in an effort to teach more than just football skills.

"Go, go, go, nice, let's go Coke."

John "J.D." Evans has been involved with youth sports for a long time, and if there's one thing he knows. Good things will happen to those who work hard.

"i just started noticing that there were a lot of kids that wanted to do extra workouts and the Lord led me to do that give back in some way so i decided that would be my calling."

Evans eyes the kids who may need a little extra push.

"No figure eights...figure eight, act like you've been here before."

Or come from a family where parents just afford all the extras that high school football sometimes demands.

"They're taking what the school is giving them that's not enough; I want to be better, I want to go to college. All these kids around the U.S. get coaches, work with trainers so they can push themselves to the level which is go to to college. "

The players say they can't get enough of Coach Bigs.

"He says stuff that wants to motivate you, not just football it's for like stuff that's going to help you throughout life all your life, not just specifically sports."

"Fight off the block, cut it back inside set go....get off of it."

"He provides extra work it's his free time that he can be spending at home but he's helping us get better we appreciate that from him as well."

"Like I said before and I'm going say it again good things come to those who put in the hard work. You don't put in the work don't expect to be great, expect to be mediocre."

And that's the message that both the kids and their parents have bought into.
They call him Coach Bigs, but he'll tell you it's the little things in life that make it all well worth it.

"1,2,3,,,get better...good job boys."