Chinook salmon being released into Boise River

Posted at 10:22 AM, Jul 13, 2023

BOISE, Idaho — With fishing season underway, the Idaho Fish and Game staff plan to release around 300 Chinook Salmon into the Boise River on Friday afternoon for the first time in five years!

The press release from Idaho Fish and Game tells us that due to a surplus of fertilized eggs, excess fish will be transferred into the Boise River. Fish released will include "jacks," which are Chinook under two feet in length,s and around 100 larger fish.

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The tentative plan for stocking areas includes the Barber Park Boat Ramp, West Parkcenter Bridge, Americana Bridge, and Glenwood Bridge.

Fishing Information

Fishing for Chinook will open on Friday and be permitted 24 hours a day through August 30. The daily bag limit is two and the possession limit is six, regardless of size. At this time there is also a season limit of 20 Chinook salmon. Any Chinook caught after any of these limits must be released immediately.

Anglers hoping to catch a Chinook will require a salmon permit and any Chinook caught must be recorded on the salmon permit.

Anglers must also use a hook with a 5/8 inch gape or smaller when fishing for salmon. Barbed hooks are allowed.

It is also unlawful to transport any Chinook salmon without its tail or head unless:

  • The angler is ashore and done fishing for the day;
  • The adult Chinook salmon is properly recorded on the anglers Chinook salmon permit; and
  • The fish is processed or packaged with the skin naturally attached to the flesh including a portion with a healed, clipped adipose fin scar.  The fish must be processed or packaged in a manner that the number of fish harvested can be readily determined.  Processed Chinook salmon cannot be transported by boat. 

All salmon that are hooked, landed and reduced to possession shall be counted in the limits of the person hooking the fish. Salmon caught in a legal manner must be either released or killed immediately after landing.