Cherie Buckner Webb talks the future of Idaho Democrats

Posted at 10:19 PM, Feb 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-19 04:19:35-05

BOISE, Idaho — Ten years after starting in the legislature, State Senator Cherie Buckner Webb is stepping down.

It's part of a major shift for the Democratic Party.

Six on Your Side talked to Buckner Webb about what the future holds for her party. As a life long Boisean, Buckner Webb was honored to serve the state her family moved to way back in 1905.

"I am the only African American to serve in the legislature." she says.

And nearly as rare as that, is the number of actual Democrats in the legislature with only six in the senate and 11 in the house.

And now Idaho is losing not only Buckner Webb, but Senator Maryanne Jordan, as well as Matt Erpelding on the House side. Since the losses come in districts that are largely liberal, a Democrat is likely to fill the void, and Buckner Webb says a new perspective may be the key to passing the toughest issue of her time.

"Adding sexual identity . We haven't made it happen and it's unfortunate. I believe everyone should have access to being treated like a human being and have human rights," laments Buckner Webb.

Who will take up the liberal mantle is yet to be determined. That they will have far less experience than the trio they replace, is virtually certain.