CDC, State Department issue guidelines for travel during outbreak

Posted at 5:05 PM, Mar 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-05 14:42:38-05

BOISE — The calendar is edging closer and closer to spring break, which for many people across the United States means getting away and going on vacation. However, the CDC and US State Department are advising people not to travel to certain parts of the globe due to the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

China is at a level 4 warning, which means people should not travel there. Italy, Iran and South Korea are at a level 3 warning, which means the State Department urges people not to visit unless it is essential. Japan is at a level 2 warning, which means people should only travel with precaution

The United States has already suspended entry of foreign nationals who have visited high-warning-level countries for 14 days. Not only will entry be suspended, but the CDC and State Department insist these people be monitored during this time and quarantined if necessary.

If you do decide to change your plans and not go on vacation, travel agencies are attempting to work with their customers. Airlines are beginning to waive fees, but it depends on booking dates and destinations.

Hotels and rental car companies have been much more flexible with cancellation fees. However, if you booked through an Airbnb, refunds will vary on the host, either offering a full refund or potentially a cancellation fee.

Lastly, government officials are warning individuals to be sure to check with credit card companies as companies may be able to reimburse non-refundable purchases.