BSU President Marlene Tromp delivers the State of the University, announces record fundraising efforts

Marlene Tromp
Posted at 6:51 PM, Aug 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-17 22:35:57-04

Idaho's largest university is thriving despite two years of challenges from coronavirus and political unrest — that's the word from President Marlene Tromp in her annual State of the University speech.

But the university likely has some of it's most difficult challenges ahead. Boise state is 90 years old this year. But the last two years have been among the toughest ever and the school finds itself at a crossroads.

"I want to begin on a more sober note taking time to recognize the challenges of the last few years," said Tromp. "The university was attacked by far right political groups and parents who wanted to restrict the university's mantra of expanding students horizons."

But the third year president thinks she's found a way forward.

"It is only when you approach them with respect and care," said Tromp. "That they can open their minds to see other perspectives and you can see theirs."

The university meanwhile is recovering well from coronavirus with a record breaking 68 million in research dollars this year along with a record 56 million in general contributions.

Something that makes hiring top talent in a difficult economy, easier.

"I am the new dean of college of education and I travelled 2,258 miles to be here and it was worth every mile," said new hire James Satterfield.

BSU officials say it is worth 1.9 billion dollars a year to the Idaho economy, and while political differences will likely make it's job of teaching students more difficult, Tromp says it's a time for courage.

We want our students faculty and staff working on the hard questions on the intractable problems in spaces where there are differences of opinion. Where people do not agree. And being unafraid to go into those places."