Brown Pride prompts student-organized protest at Caldwell High School

Posted at 9:59 AM, Jan 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-20 11:59:26-05

CALDWELL, Idaho — Brown pride is the newest controversial topic for the Caldwell School District after a student-led protest this week addressed the topic.

"So my hoodie said brown pride in the front with an Aztec mural. Same thing in the back, but in the back, it had lowriders, nothing inappropriate; I was covered, and I wasn't breaking the dress code that I knew of," said Brenda Hernandez, Caldwell High School senior.

Hernandez says she was wearing this sweater when she was pulled out of class for violating the school dress code saying her brown pride hoodie was gang affiliated. Since the incident, Hernandez started a brown pride petition which has received over 400 signatures.

On Tuesday, Hernandez held a brown pride protest claiming brown pride is not gang-related but part of her Mexican culture. Since the protest, the student has been going viral after a TikTok and Instagram post of what transpired at the rally.

"It's just disturbing and disgusting behavior from adults toward students, as we saw in some of these TikTok videos. There is even physical violence against students of color within the Caldwell school system," said Estefania Mondragon, Executive Director with Poder Idaho.

The incident has promoted a community conversation among the Latinx community in the Treasure Valley, among them the League of United Latin American Citizens.

"I'm not trying to be racist, but it's mostly white people that don't understand the terminology or culture, and they keep on twisting it, saying its gang and gangs and gangs. That's not the thing," said Sunny Ligas, State Director for the LULAC.

I reached out to the Caldwell School principal for comment, who then directed me to the school district's communication director, from who I have yet to hear back form.

With the help of LULAC, Hernandez is looking into presenting legal action against the Caldwell School District.

Thursday, January 19, the ACLU Idaho hosted a Latinx educational listening session for parents and students regarding training and rights at schools at the Nampa Smokey Mountain Pizza.