Boise State gymnast bent not broken after season ending injury

Posted at 7:17 AM, Mar 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-08 05:44:32-05

BOISE, Idaho — If you're a Boise State gymnastics fan, the name Shani Remme might sound very familiar. Remme is a two-time Mountain Rim Conference Gymnast of the Year and nominee for the American Athletic Inc. Award. She plans on graduating with her degree in Health Sciences this May and had planned to leave Boise State at an all-time high both academically and athletically. But in the blink of an eye, her plans drastically changed.

On February 24th at the University of Denver, Remme was set to compete in "just another meet," feeling good with no signs of a pending injury. Remme recalls the moment before her injury, “I was last on the floor. Floor warm-up was good. I just did my first pass and my knee was just kind of wobbly."

No pop, no sharp pain. Shani says she felt nothing, "I thought, that was weird, I thought, I just kind of twisted it so I tried to keep going."

After another attempt to shake off what she initially thought was temporary leg pain, Shani quickly realized it was a little more serious. Despite losing full control in her one leg, she still felt no pain. After cutting her floor routine short, she was quickly escorted off the floor where her trainer performed multiple tests to determine the severity of her injury. It was there that the trainer told Shani she likely tore her ACL.

A torn ACL is a season- sometimes even career-ending injury. When we spoke to Shani she told us that she had recently received MRI results that not only confirmed her torn ACL, but also showed a torn medial meniscus, torn calf muscle and bone bruise on her tibia.

Shani has been dealt a heavy hand in such a short amount of time, but she continues to focus on what she has done and not what could have been done. "I’m just blessed to have been a part of the process, not many people get the opportunity to compete at a collegiate level."

The Broncos have their last home meet against Brigham Young University Thursday at 7 p.m.