Boise River dangerous float conditions

Posted at 9:21 PM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-06 23:21:35-04

Now may be the riskiest time in years to be on the Boise River.
It's full of hazards that can reach up and grab you.
And as crews survey the areas that need to be cleared, they're warning everyone to stay off the river.
Still, the hot summer and cold river mean floating is on people's minds.

"I definitely plan to float as soon as it opens.  I want it to open really soon," says Gabi Fortino.
But go in the river now, and you're taking a high risk.

"Tree limbs, entire trees rootballs, buried under the water.  Things that are extremely hazardous," says Paul Roberts with Boise Fire, "people get wrapped up in them and it can become a catastrophic drowning event."
River management crews are surveying all the hazardous items that need to be removed.
Then they'll return to take them out, a process that could take two weeks.

"The river is extremely hazardous," says Roberts.
The river level must drop close to a thousand CFS to open.
But this year, it might take more than that.

"It doesn't matter what the water level is," adds Roberts,  "an adult or child can get up in those and turn catastrophic very quickly."
If all goes as planned and you do the numbers, it could be the end of July early August before it's safe to float.