Boise Rescue Mission celebrates opening of Recovery Lodge, a medical respite homeless shelter

One boy's story inspired leaders to take action.
Posted at 4:35 PM, Jul 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 18:35:44-04

NAMPA, Idaho — Nampa's Rescue Mission workers, the Mayor's staff, and healthcare providers gathered today to celebrate the opening of the first medical respite shelter for homeless people in Idaho.

Boise Rescue Mission's Recovery Lodge was built with the special focus of giving homeless people with medical needs a place to safely recover with 24-7 care.

Staff named a room after 2- year-old Henry Machado, a little boy with heart conditions who was homeless when he was born and at high-risk for infection. The mission pulled strings to arrange affordable housing for him, essentially saving his life. His survival and strength was one of several inspirations for the lodge, according to Rev. Bill Roscoe, CEO, Boise Rescue Mission.

"In the shelter, you had to leave during the day, and so, in the hot summer, and him being fragile and him being on diuretics which take the water out of his body, it would have-- he wouldn't have made it," said Elean Magee, Henry's mother, formerly homeless.

"We had to have an answer-- a better answer-- for people like Henry," said Roscoe.

The lodge can house a maximum of 45 guests and is located on West Corporate Lane, right next to the Valley Women and Children's Shelter. The lodge will begin accepting guests August 1st.