Boise Fire practices for busy season

Boise Fire trains with backpack hoses
Posted at 10:29 PM, May 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-20 00:29:43-04

The fire season in the Boise foothills is expected to be bad.
Cool, wet weather has grown lots of brush that will become kindling as soon as the weather turns hot.
That's why Boise Wildland Fire crews are practicing now... with new equipment and technology that will make protecting remote homes easier.

"There are remote areas in the Boise district where we can't drive 4 wheel drive vehicles to," says Brian Ashton, Boise Fire Dept. Battalion Chief, "And in that case, the fire engine still shows up but we can't go off the road with it. So, we have to stretch hose and take our water with us."

So, Ashton says a few years back Boise bought what's called progressive hose packs that allow firefighters to carry heavy loads of hose into remote areas. They're working with the BLM to make sure everyone knows how to communicate and connect the hoses in a hurry.
The resulting hose can be nearly a mile long.
But, if it's not enough, there's new technology to let you know.

"So, if we do have a fire in the foothills if people would stay tuned and keep their phone on and stay tuned to social media outlets we're going to let people know if we want them to stay in their homes or to evacuate." says Ashton.