Online challenge sparks conversation on suicide

Posted at 9:12 PM, Mar 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-29 00:15:58-04

Boise resident and Marine Corps veteran Chip Schultz is participating in an online social media challenge aimed at sparking the conversation about high suicide rates among military veterans.

22 veterans commit suicide each day in the United States, so vets across the country are videotaping themselves as they do 22 push ups for 22 days.

"It's just finding a different avenue, a different lens to get your word and your message out," Schultz said. 

The main message: to lend a helping hand to returning soldiers and veterans dealing with depression.

"Reach out to them and say hello, buy them a cup of coffee, invite them to a party," Schultz said. "It's just socializing with them, through physical activity and social activity, and let them know their lives are important, and committing suicide is not the answer."

As an added aspect of the video challenge, Schultz took the workouts outside of his living room, showcasing some of Boise's most iconic backdrops. He highlighted the Boise Depot, pumped out push ups on the capitol steps, and also stopped by the Fort Boise Military Cemetery and the September 11 Memorial.

"It's less to do with the push ups," Schultz said. That's the iconic part that people are wanting to see, but we're are talking about it. it's creating conversations, it's creating awareness."