Boise Council Member proposes a change in the city's animal code sections

Posted at 4:14 PM, Feb 23, 2021

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho does not have a stellar history of protecting wildlife, livestock and even pets. In fact, Idaho is almost always ranked near the bottom when it comes to animal protection laws.

Things are a little different in Boise, and City Council member TJ Thomson wants the City of Trees to do even more to protect animals. Thomson has spent two years working or change with help from the Idaho Humane Society, along with a little guidance from the Idaho Office of Attorney General.

“We have clear authority to regulate, in particular around companion animals and exotic animals. This will not impact hunting in any way," said Thomson. "This will not impact those that are private breeders of animals, it doesn’t impact the production of agricultural animals, they are primarily hands off to us.”

The Idaho Humane Society released the following statement offering support of Thomson's efforts, saying the amended ordinance is a significant improvement in city animal welfare laws:

The Idaho Humane Society was pleased to have input into the proposed amendments to Boise City Code governing the care and keeping of domestic animals. We appreciate the strong and compassionate leadership of Boise City Councilman Thompson in this ambitious effort to make Boise a more humane community. While there are opportunities for further improvement, in total the amended ordinance represents a significant improvement in the animal welfare laws for the City.
Idaho Humane Society

The next public hearing will be on April 6, 2021. The City of Boise will share a comment form for residents to submit thoughts on the proposed changes prior to the hearing.

You can watch the full City Council Strategic Planning Session below. The presentation and discussion on the proposed animal code changes starts just before the 42-minute mark.