BOI officials say plan ahead for holiday travels this year

Boise Airport
Posted at 11:10 AM, Nov 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-17 13:10:05-05

BOISE, Idaho — The holiday season is approaching and Boise Airport officials expect to see passenger levels on the same level as 2019, which was the airport's busiest travel year to date.

The busiest travel days are projected to be Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Sunday and Monday after the holiday. Airport officials say on these days, over 14,000 people could be traveling through the Boise Airport.

“While passenger traffic is still down for many airports around the country, the Boise Airport has rebounded back to pre-pandemic levels,” said Boise Airport Director, Rebecca Hupp. “We are expecting a busy holiday travel season, which means passengers should give themselves a little extra time when flying.”

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Airport officials recommend arriving two hours before their departure time during the holiday season. This should give people time to park, check-in and get through security.

The close-in parking at the airport could reach capacity with the anticipated amount of passengers. The Boise Airport website has a page showing a live view of the number of spots available at each of the airport's parking lots. This page should help people find which lots have spots available.

The airport encourages the use of the economy lot that has a free shuttle running every 15 minutes to the airport.

TSA encourages people to pack smart and be prepared for security when packing. Make sure there are no prohibited items in your baggage, like liquids. Pies, cakes and other baked goods can go through security checkpoints.

The Boise Airport has a few extra tips to ensure your travel goes smoothly:

  • Federal regulations require masks be worn at the Boise Airport, as well as all other airports across the country. Please help keep holiday travel safe and sanitary by wearing a mask snugly over your mouth and nose.
  • Visit to learn what items are restricted. Then double-check your luggage, both carry-on and checked, to make sure none of these items were packed.
  • Visit your airlines’ website to check flight status before heading to the airport.
  • When picking up passengers, please utilize the short-term parking lot or cell phone waiting lot if you arrive early. The curb is for active loading and unloading only. Waiting or parking on the curb is a violation of the city code and could result in a fine.
  • If you get busy in the holiday hustle and bustle and accidentally leave an item at the airport, you can fill out an online form and the airport will begin searching for your lost item.