Bogus Basin starts snow guns ahead of early opening this week

Bogus Basin unveils snow making system
Posted at 2:03 PM, Dec 04, 2018
and last updated 2019-01-21 15:32:18-05

     It's the start of a new era at Bogus Basin.

    The ski area cranked up its long awaited snow-making system Monday for the first time.
    And even though it wasn't really needed, it's a system that will make a huge difference for Bogus.
That's because snow is the lifeblood of every ski resort, and Bogus Basin can now make it on demand.
"We knew snow making would be wonderful.  But we just couldn't figure out quite how to put the pieces together." says Bogus Basin General Manager Brad Wilson, "They all fell into place over the last 18 months and to watch these guns going top to bottom was an incredible thrill." 
making snow was a only dream for decades. the problem was access to water. but no more.
Wilson says the new bogus water reservoir holds 13 million gallons and had 3 million gallons to start this year without the benefit of the previous year's runoff.
Of course, t figures that just before Bogus cranks up it's snow making system they get pummeled with snow by mother nature. but the folks at Bogus are certainly not complaining.
And those in the ski industry like Greenwoods Ski Haus co-owner Eric Straubhar say the ability to make snow on demand changes everything.
"there's definitely a buzz going on around it." Straubhar says, "The community has talked about it and wanted it and never thought  it was a possibility for quite a few years so its neat to see it happening."
All this snow, both natural and manmade, is making it possible for Bogus to open the front side for business on Thursday and the whole mountain by Saturday. 
That statement would normally be followed up with depending on weather. but now that's something Bogus has much more control over.