Bishop Kelly expands with new wing dedicated to science and technology

Posted at 8:51 PM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-21 06:53:02-04

Bishop Kelly High School is expanding to meet a growing need. It opened a brand new science wing today on the first day of class and the extra space is not expected to be extra for long. 
B-K is one of the oldest high schools in the Valley and the private catholic school is clearly popular.

"Record enrollment this year of 840 students up from 775 last year," explains BK president Rich Raimondi.
And B-K expects a thousand students by 2020 meaning it was time to expand.

"Rather than just building more classrooms, let's build something intentional where we think the future of students would require they have a base in technology and science," says Raimondi.
So, they created the Father Wilson science and technology wing with 11 new labs. A top of the line machine shop and student gathering space.

"I love it! A lot more science rooms that B-K didn't have originally and it offers a lot more classes to students which is awesome." says student Jessie Kranz.
In a Valley that's growing so fast, new, cutting-edge public schools are popping up with regularity, a private school like B-K is focused on keeping pace. And judging by student reaction over the summer, they've succeeded.

"Even the ones that graduated went back and said oh I wish I could come back." says teacher Travis Ribordy.
Higher praise from a high school student, you may never hear.