Basketball player finds opportunity at Boise State

Posted at 6:18 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 20:18:26-04

After last season’s success, Boise State Women’s basketball looks ready to have one of the best seasons in program history, “I know we’ll have a product the Broncos will be proud of”, says Gordy Presnell, head coach for the women’s basketball team. With only four freshmen the roster and a lot of experience one of the new faces on the team came from overseas.

Sofia Galeron is a Spanish speaking player who put aside the culture shock for a chance at more opportunity. While it’s hard being a student-athlete imagine having to balance those responsibilities while learning a new culture and language, luckily for Sophia she has a teammate who understands her situation, “I know how much she’s struggling right now because I had that problem before, and yeah I try to help her as much as I can”, says fellow Spaniard, Marta Hermida.

 Marta is a member of the Women’s basketball team and she too came from Spain. Marta enters her senior year while Sofia’s collegiate career is just beginning. Despite the age gap, the two have bonded over their home country, “she’s a great support of me..she understand me”, says Sofia.

Sofia came to Boise State last Spring with high hopes and big dreams. She was a member of an elite Basketball club team and traveled the world to play the game. She found much success in her sport, but according to her, there was one thing she wanted out of her career that she could not have at home, “I want to live the American experience because in Spain I cannot do both so play basketball at a high level and study at college”.

Head coach, Gordy Presnell see’s his latest addition to the team “going the distance” for the Broncos, “she’s got a lot of experience so she’s a little bit better than a freshman right now in terms of the experience she’s had so hopefully she can do more of a leadership role for us”.