Adrenaline junkies go base jumping off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho

Who in their mind would jump off a 400 foot bridge?

Red Bull sponsored athlete Miles Daisher would.  Daisher has jumped off the Perrine bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho hundreds of times.

Miles admits it takes a certain type of person to actually do it. "We all got a little bit of a loose screw, and a lust for life".

A couple of times of year, Daisher holds class with a small number of jumper "wannabes" who have decided to take a leap of faith.

People like Richard Grove, a commercial airline pilot who funds this kind of sport, a total release.

"Base Jumping is like a toothbrush for the soul, it really cleans everything out. It's like getting a reset."


Now experience the jump from our 360 camera.

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