ACHD considering "thrU-turn" at State and Glenwood

Posted at 5:58 AM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-22 15:10:28-05

BOISE, Idaho — Another busy Ada County intersection could be changed to a thrU-turn.

In the last year, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) and the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) changed the traffic pattern at State Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway to a so-called "thrU-turn." It allows drivers to go completely through the intersection before making a u-turn. Now, officials are looking at doing the same thing at the intersection of State Street and Glenwood, one of the busiest in the county.

"A reason we look at these through u-turns is because they help the functionality of the intersection. It helps with traffic flow and they're also safer. Anytime you can eliminate that left turn it does make it safer for drivers," said Natalie Shaver, the public information specialist at ACHD.

The intersection configuration, if it gets approved, is part of the $42 million project to widen State Street to seven lanes. But officials say the entire project won't be finished for another ten years.