92 people from 32 countries become U.S citizens

Posted at 8:39 PM, Sep 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 19:19:07-04

Today marks the beginning of Constitution Week and Citizenship Day. 92 of America’s newest citizens were welcomed during a special naturalization ceremony at the Nampa Civic Center on Monday afternoon. 

For the people at the naturalization ceremony, the United States is known as the land of opportunity, a place where you can start over and build your own American dream. For Hasham Kazam and his family, today was very special.

Hasham is originally from Afghanistan but has lived in the U.S for over five years. His wife joined him in receiving her citizenship as well. She is from Armenia and the couple met in Russia a few years ago. With their young children by their sides, they made it clear that becoming a citizen offers their children wonderful opportunities, “…for our kids it’s a good opportunity in America to get a good education to get a good job”.

Leaving their country was far from easy, but they left with a purpose, “…to get a better life then to raise up in a safe country” and even though Hasham and his wife became legal citizens of the U.S, these young parents will always teach their kids the importance of every culture, “we try to teach the best things in America and the best things in Afghanistan so we mix them and teach them all that good stuff”.