New law will require Idaho drivers to have proof of insurance

Posted at 9:23 PM, Dec 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 12:25:30-05

IDAHO — In the new year, the Idaho Transportation Department will require all Idaho drivers to have proof of car insurance. Drivers of non-commercial vehicles were already required to have insurance, but now they'll have to have proof or obtain an extension in order to avoid a registration suspension. They've already been testing the system.

"We had originally identified about 150,000 people within the state that didn't have insurance. We sent those letters out. We found that there are some discrepancies, and so we've already whittled that number down quite a bit," said Vincent Trimboli, Idaho Transportation Department.

Starting on January 1st, if a driver doesn't have insurance for two consecutive months, they will receive a letter from the Idaho Transportation Department, and they will have one month to get insurance.

If the driver does get car insurance by the end of February, they won't be on the list. If a driver does get a letter and doesn't respond within a month, then their registration will be suspended.

"It's important that when we drive on our roadways that we have insurance in case there is a crash or an accident, we should be able to exchange with those other people be able to compensate each other for any damages or losses. That's why we cover insurance, so I think the legislative intent was to make sure that all Idahoans were driving on our roads fully insured," said Trimboli.

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