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Wildfires can devastate Idaho's lands. How IDFG is looking for volunteers to help restore areas lost to fire

Posted at 1:50 PM, Sep 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-09 15:50:30-04

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Wildfire season can take a toll on Idaho landscape especially the vegetation it can destroy in the process of being contained.

Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) wants to help with restoring these areas by planting 20,000 sage brush seedlings in the south hills where the badger fire burned over 90,000 acres of land.

The restoration project will take place Saturday, Oct. 22. Last year's event saw 110 volunteers and approximately 15,000 seedlings planted. The plants saw a 90% survival rate as well.

IDFG officials hope this year will see a similar turnout.

"This is a great (volunteer) opportunity. It’s a lot of fun and we’re doing good things for Idaho's wildlife habitats,” said Terry Thompson, regional communications manager for IDFG.

The goal is to help recreate many of the land lost in the badger fire and recreate food for species like Elk and deer.

“Basically, trying to give those shrub communities, the sage brush the bitter brush, etcetera, sort of a jump start after a fire,” said Ford Van Fossan, Director of brand at First Lite Performance Hunting Apparel.

One random volunteer will receive a $200 gift card to First Lite just for being apart of the restoration project. For more information and How to sign up for this event, click here.