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Twin Falls Public Library dropping its late fees in 2023

Posted at 5:57 PM, Nov 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-21 19:57:54-05

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Starting Jan. 2, 2023 the Twin Falls Public Library is no longer charging for overdue fines on a majority of its materials.

This is also cancelling any existing late fees in hopes people will return any books with outstanding fees on them. This program has already seen national success at many public libraries and losing late fees has seen an increase in their community use.

“Study after study in research shows that overdue fines actually bare little to know baring on whether or not somebody returns and Item on time,” said CJ Rasmusson, programing specialist at the Twin Falls Public Library.

The Twin Falls Public Library is free access to anyone who lives in Twin Falls and has a current ID showing proof of address. Along with thousands of books, the public library offers access to DVDs, computers, boardgames, free wifi, 3-D printers and more.

“I do hope that we see people come and utilize or services and our resources more and realize that the library is for everyone,” said Youth Services Supervisor, Erica Littlefield.

Littlefield knows the value of reading to developing students and wants this new policy to be motivation of parents and caregivers to bring more kids to the public library.

“Studies have shown how important and how critical it is for kids to learn reading when they are young. Obviously, that is a skill and something that they’ll need no matter what kind of job or what kind of profession they going into in their life,” said Littlefield.

Local library goers also feel this is a smart move as it incentives’ more in the community to use something they already pay for. Taxes allow free access to libraries and with no late fees, holding on to overdue materials is less of an offense.

“I think it really opens up the library to a lot of people that might not take advantage of it who would think that because of the fines , they don’t want to risk having that incur and then losing their privileges at the library,” said Twin Falls resident, Larry Aten. “Take advantage of our public library. It’s a fabulous library my wife and I have been coming here for 4 years.”

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