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Twin Falls Police Officer receives Letter of Commendation

Posted at 7:50 PM, Mar 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-01 21:53:18-05

TWIN FALLS — Police Officer Medina Alajbegovic moved to Twin Falls at the age of seven from Bosnia and is now serving the community that welcomed her and her family with open arms.

Just this past week she received her Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Intermediate Certificate as well as a Letter of Commendation from Chief Craig Kingsbury in regards to an incident that happened in 2019 involving a disabled, elderly man.

The incident initially started when a friend of the older gentleman became concerned about his whereabouts. After not hearing from him, the friend called the police once in the morning and once at night. Officer Alajbegovic was working the night shift and answered the call.

“It was about 10:30 at night, he called and said “I still haven’t heard from him. I would really appreciate it if you guys could go back out there and check on him,” because they did things together. He was his ride to places and things like that. He goes, I haven’t heard from him since yesterday," said Alajbegovic.

After several leads turned out to be dead ends, Officer Alajbegovic started searching through records on her computer.

“We had had a previous call at this address as well for another welfare check where a female had called it in. I called her and figured out that was his daughter,” said Alajbegovic.

Once contact was made with the daughter, she filled in the responding police officers with information about her father's physical shape and medical history.

Alajbegovic said, “She had actually said that he had some recent surgeries, history of seizures. Just things that she was worried, if he had fallen, he wouldn’t be able to get back up on his own.”

Since the daughter was close by, she very quickly drove to Twin to provide a key for the house officers could search the premises. As soon as the officers walked in, they began to call out to anyone who may be in the house.

“I announced that we were the Twin Falls Police and if anyone was in there to let us know. Didn’t hear anything the first time. Announced again and I hear in just the faintest little voice, help,” said Alajbegovic.

After calling out one more time to try and find the man, officers found him lying on the floor in a very tight hallway, unable to stand. Paramedics soon arrived and were treated the man for only minor injuries. For those on the scene, finding the man unharmed was a relief.

Alajbegovic said, “He is ok. Paramedics are here, they’re going to take care of him. You have your dad again. He is not gone, he is ok and it is a relief to be able to tell people that because we can’t always give them that answer.”

Although most police officers don't join the department for awards or medals, officer Alajbegovic appreciates having her work recognized by the department. “It is nice to be able to share that with your family, friends and know that this day, I really did something above and beyond.”

The department is also proud to give officers these types of moments. Lieutenant Craig Stotts said, “The work that we do each and every day makes a difference in people’s lives and I think that just by being recognized it’s validation and motivation for them to do better.”