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Twin Falls County office helps voters with questions

Posted at 8:36 PM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-03 11:12:58-05

TWIN FALLS — With election day occurring tomorrow, the Twin Falls County office has been handling numerous phone calls with last-minute concerns. Since there are 44 precincts and over 20 polling places, many questions have been about where residents need to cast their votes. There has also been concern over absentee ballots.

"Some people say, 'Well, maybe I will just go home and get my absentee ballot, fill it in and drop it off.' If we've mailed you an absentee ballot and you still have that, vote that and get it back here by 8 pm tomorrow," said Kristina Glascock, Twin Falls County Clerk.

There have also been some concerns from voters who are looking to register on Election Day. For these voters, they will need to bring some form of ID and proof of residency. From there, poll workers will be able to direct you to where you need to vote.

"Grab your vehicle registration, your car insurance because you know most of the time that's got your current name and your current address on it. Some people will show us on their phone their lease agreements or a bill on there, which will work as proof of residency," said Glascock.

The county is also asking people to take the necessary safety protocols while casting their ballot. Face masks and social distancing are heavily encouraged to limit the spread of COVID. County officials also for residents to be patient at the polls since the extra precautions may add some time.

"For the elderly, or for the people that can't get out of their cars, people that maybe have tested positive for COVID-19," said Glascock. "We want you to stay in your car. We'll curbside vote you. But that's all a process that could slow down the voting tomorrow, so we just ask for your patience."

With the clock ticking down, the county office ensures they will be there to help with any other questions or concerns voters may have.

"For Twin Falls County, everybody comes here to county west if they're not sure where their polling place is, or they don't have access to the internet to go to to look up their polling place. We can help them here. We can help them find their polling place by calling here or coming in here."

Information is also available through the county's website.