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Twin Falls City Officials hoping to lay groundwork for future industrial growth

Posted at 9:27 PM, Feb 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-11 23:27:34-05

TWIN FALLS — Communities throughout the US are facing economic hardship and a contraction in developing certain projects. However, Twin Falls is currently a hotbed for construction aimed at commercial retail space, office space, apartments, and houses for families. This is all part of the city's mission to reimagine the downtown area and provide appropriate housing for interested buyers.

While there is that focus in downtown, a large portion of the expansion is also in Southwest Twin, towards Washington Street South and Orchard Drive. While much of the current developments in that area right now are subdivisions, officials are looking at space that could be used further into the future to help industrial growth.

The reason for using this chunk of land is because of the space it can provide for consistent development if needed. Public Information Coordinator Joshua Palmer said, "The Southside of Twin Falls or really south of the Rock Creek Canyon was more open and available. Once that opened up, it was kind of just like opening the tap."

Although officials could not give specific details, they did mention how several companies and manufacturers are interested in setting up shop in that area.

Economic Development Director Nathan Murray said, "It's a lot of companies that are maybe just downline one or two tiers away removed from some of those larger producers. So maybe it's not someone making yogurt or way or nutrition bars or things like that but people that support their business from an ingredient standpoint."

There are multiple benefits for the companies that are looking to come to Twin. "Twin Falls strategically makes a lot of sense from a location standpoint based on our lower restrictions, low cost doing business yet we still provide access to places on the West Coast that have larger population centers," said Murray.

It's important to note that this plan for the future still has plenty of legwork ahead of itself, and there is no specific timeline as to when it will come to fruition.

However, since people might think of the worst-case scenario when hearing about urbanizing or industrialization, officials want it known there are several benefits for the community and its residents. Having this industrial space would add more jobs and create an economic boost for Twin.

Nathan Murray said, "Any successful economy and city is just going to have the proper mix of land use. So you have your urban core, where there are more traditional local businesses. Yet you have your different types of retail. You have certain arterials. You have places where people are living with their family in homes. People need jobs too, and that's its industry."