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Twin Falls City Council approves 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City resolution

Posted at 5:49 PM, Mar 17, 2021

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Several weeks ago, a group in Twin Falls created a petition to make the city a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City.

The proposal turned into a coordinated effort by the city council, county officials, and those behind the petition to find common ground.

The original petition focused solely on the 2nd Amendment and was met with resistance by some councilors.

“It's unfortunate, but over time, it has kind of a stigma to it but what we’ve been told is more than that, you’re guaranteeing something that can put you in direct conflict with not only people in your community but other governing agencies,” said Joshua Palmer, Twin Falls Public Information Coordinator.

Councilors met with county officials and petition supporters to discuss their next move. The group drafted and passed a new resolution to cover more than just the 2nd Amendment.

“The resolution itself states specifically that city staff and elected officials will do everything in their power to support the constitution, all of the constitution, and that we will not do anything that will impede any of the constitutional rights and amendments,” said Palmer.

People from all sides, especially the city council, felt this most recent turn of events was an effective demonstration of people working together to find a solution.

“They came in, they were very respectful, not only with elected officials, but also the process which can be kind of cumbersome, but they worked with us," Palmer said. "They were very patient, and when the meeting ended on Monday, I think we all felt we had reached a good spot as a community.”