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The mission of the Change For Culture Foundation

Posted at 7:42 PM, Aug 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-31 21:42:20-04

TWIN FALLS — Founded a year ago by Winnie Christensen, the Culture For Change Foundation looks to serve Twin Falls youth by empowering them to become passionate about community involvement and their future.

The organization attempts to connect the youth with mentors, networking opportunities, and other resources to help teach them lifelong lessons to further their education that may not be necessarily taught in particular schools. Some subjects would be a workshop on how to balance a checkbook, savings, and compound interest.

Board Member for the Culture for Change Foundation, Liyah Babayan, said, "To provide them and equip them with the kind of tools that empower them civically, financially. Also, to orient them on a career path where they can come back and benefit the community that has nurtured them."

While the mission is to educate, the other goal of the foundation is to provide an outlet for children and their creative side, giving them the chance to participate in events or classes that revolve around their interests.

"Through dance, poetry, entrepreneurship, startups, maybe some community service, some vocational training. Wherever that self-discovery can happen," said Babayan

However, while their mission to educate and provide more opportunities for the youth continues, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the organization to pivot and try and help community members with outstanding needs. Particularly those in marginalized communities where it has been difficult to obtain correct information and other valuable resources.

Babayan said, "We need to deliver cleaning products to them, sanitizer to them, feminine products, food carts, medicine, diapers just all of those necessities."

The foundation has begun preparing boxes of valuable supplies, and attempting to create reliable sources within those communities to translate the correct information needed can be distributed.

Culture For Change is always accepting children eager to learn and volunteers to help teach and mentor children. "You don't have to be an expert to have something to educate and share, especially with the youth. Life experiences and even people who have maybe taken the wrong path can really help educate our youth on some of those preventive things in life that can help them get on a path where they're more productive," said Babayan.

For residents wanting more information or those who would like to participate or volunteer, you can message them the foundation through their Facebook page.