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The importance of local elections in Idaho

Posted at 5:11 PM, Nov 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-02 19:19:04-04

TWIN FALLS — Many elections are occurring across the state and a lot of them will have a significant impact on their local communities.

In Twin Falls, officials are emphasizing how important local elections are. For those who want their voice heard, this is the chance to exercise the right to vote and potentially reshape the future of Twin Falls.

“These city council races, these are your voices at the local level," said Kristina Glascock, the Twin Falls County Clerk. "So, who you put in these offices determines a lot of the things and services that you access in the city on a daily basis.”

Officials also explained the significance of this election due to the high number of candidates on the ballot. It demonstrates that many individuals within the community want to spark change.

“There’s been years where we’ve had one candidate by themselves or a couple of candidates," said Ruth Pierce, the Vice Mayor for the city of Twin Falls. "So having nine people step up the plate and put themselves out there, says a lot.”

All of the candidates have lived locally for quite some time, all with different objectives and solutions to make Twin Falls a better place.

“Issues such as infrastructure, water, sewer, public safety, all of those that we have the ability to impact is what should be the most important issue for any candidate,” said Pierce.

Officials also want to remind people, that as the clock ticks down there is still time to try and vote. Polls will close at 8:00 pm and absentee ballots can also be submitted in person until 8:00 pm.

If an absentee ballot is mailed in today, it will not count.

For any other outstanding questions, residents are encouraged to reach out to the Twin Falls County Clerk office at 208-736-4004.