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TARC holding 22 bi-annual drug take back day

Posted at 5:51 PM, Apr 26, 2022

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — The Twin Falls Treatment and Recovery Clinic (TARC) is partnering with the Twin Falls County Sheriffs office for the 22nd bi-annual prescription drug take back day at the Lynwood Shopping Center.

This community drive encourages those in the Magic Valley to turn in any unused or expired prescription drugs. This includes veterinary drugs, supplements and vitamins. The drive is 100% anonymous so any drugs you desire to discard can be drop off at this event.


Deven Duke, events coordinator at TARC, said one problem people don't realize is proper disposal of prescription drugs.

“A lot of people think about flushing them or throwing them away and that’s still not the proper protocol. Proper disposal is important to not only our community but our environment,” said Duke.

Last years drive brought in thousands of pounds of unused drugs and Duke hopes to see that number go up.

“Last year we as twin falls did over 600 pounds and all together take back day brought in around 10,000 and so this year, we are definitely trying to beat that,” said Duke.

Idaho ranks seventh in the nation for drug misuse ages 12 and up. TARC is looking to bring an end to drug misuse in the Gem state and hopes the community can come together to stop this problem.

For more information on TARC, Click here.