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St. Luke's Magic Valley continues to struggle with capacity

Posted at 5:35 PM, Sep 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-24 19:35:40-04

TWIN FALLS — Like many hospitals across the state, St Luke's Magic Valley has been overwhelmed by patients in need of care and are lacking resources. As of today, the hospital has 208 patients, 88 of which are hospitalized with COVID-19.

“This is a very fluid, very dynamic situation where bed availability is changing minute to minute," said Dr. Adam Robison, the Medical Director of Hospitalists for St. Luke's. "So, that’s where we are continuing to work right now, and we’re working through other processes and plans upon plans right now to keep people safe, keep them healthy and treat them when they acutely need in patient care.”

To try and continue providing efficient service to patients, the hospital staff has consistently had to adapt to the ever-changing scenario. They have had to make more room for patients, and have had staff working extra shifts.

“We’re beyond normal capacity, that's something people should understand," said Dr. Robison. "We’re getting very creative with opening beds that we typically don't staff. We don’t have staff to staff them typically, so we’re calling people in, everybody is working extra shifts to keep people going.”

At the moment, St. Luke's Magic Valley has not had to turn
anyone away for care. However, in the event this happens, officials are making contingency plans with other medical providers across the state.

“Saint Al’s in the Boise area, Eastern Idaho, the Portneuf and EIRMC in Pocatello and in Idaho Falls, Northern Idaho. We’re looking and talking to those people and administrators on a regular basis,” said Dr. Robison.

Officials say they will continue to make any necessary changes as often as they can, to continue serving the community.

“I’m hoping those days where we don’t have to allocate resources come," said Dr. Robison. We're working very very hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. We’re looking at every nook and cranny we can to make sure we are able to turn on every single ventilator we possibly can, staff every single makeshift ICU bed we possibly can.”