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Regional contractors set to train students

Posted at 6:09 PM, Mar 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-09 20:09:42-05

TWIN FALLS — This week, the Twin Falls Economic Development, Magic Valley Builders Association, the Twin Falls School District, and CSI's Workforce Development Program will be hosting the third Magic Valley Construction Expo.

This training session provides the opportunity for high school and college students to learn more about the construction industry essentials by working with some of the region's leading contractors.

It is very important to provide this chance because there is a consistent need within the state for skilled laborers and traders. This expo sets out to inspire the next generation of builders.

Sari Jayo, the Executive Officer for the Magic Valley Builders Association said, “There is a huge labor shortage, especially in Idaho right now with its growth. As well as the median age of workers in the trades is increasing to where once they retire, there won't be a workforce in the trades.”

The training will cover a wide variety of skill sets that these students will learn about. Nathan Murray, the Economic Development Director for Twin Falls, said, “They rotate around in teams to their different stations and learn what it’s like to be a framer, a roofer, an electrician. We actually have been doing, hands-on, the work, learning from people who are in the industry.”

The students will not only be enhancing or learning new skills but for a lucky few it could even lead to potential job opportunities for the near future.

“Based on that performance these kids are getting rewarded. As well as, if any of the station leaders, which a lot of them are looking at least for summer help if not long-term help, they can get job offers,” said Jayo.

Due to COVID, the training is maxed out to 60 people. Already the class is full and there is even a wait-list for a few other kids. However, for interested students, they are encouraged to attend with the potential of getting a spot, yet it is not a guarantee.

“So if you want to show up the day of, you may have to wait around to see if there is somebody who maybe doesn’t attend where they can then slide into their spot,” said Murray.

The training session will be conducted at 621 Washington Street South from March 11th-12th. There will be a check-in starting at 8:00 am with the training beginning at 8:30 am and going until 3:10 pm for both days.