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Recovery In Motion prepares for National Recovery Month

Posted at 8:56 PM, Aug 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-27 09:49:07-04

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — September is just around the corner, marking the start of National Recovery Month. Now, one Magic Valley organization is working to raise awareness for its cause in the coming weeks.

Recovery in Motion works with people struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. The group helps them responsibly reintegrate back into the community.

Recovery in Motion says it's seen a rise in people who need help because of COVID-19 as people feel isolated, lose their jobs, and utilize their own coping mechanisms. The pandemic has forced employees to adapt and move toward a digital platform to reach out to people in need. Now, they're starting to work more in-person at the group's office while still providing telehealth services and Zoom meetings with clients.

The organization is already taking steps to raise awareness with two large billboards, one on Main Avenue and the other on Blue Lakes Boulevard. The next step is to put 100 yard signs in front of homes throughout the Magic Valley, but volunteers will be needed to help make it happen.

Director of Recovery In Motion, John Brannen, said, "We'll take their name and their address, and we'll show up in the next week or so, and they'll have a sign planted on the yard. They're very nice. We would like to leave them up for the whole month, and then we will come back back and gather them all back up."

The staff is also planning to host an event at the Twin Falls Visitor Center on September 19. Peer coaches will distribute information about the resources the organization can provide.

"The main objective here is to let people know that it is Recovery Month. That recovery is possible and to give them information to let them know where they can go for those resources," said Brannen.

Unfortunately, some events have been either canceled or postponed, including a yard sale in the organization's parking lot with proceeds going towards one of the organization's funds to support and provide other resources or activities for people who need assistance.

One of the more popular events, the Idaho Recovery Open Awareness Ride (IROAR), has been postponed indefinitely. For this event, a group of motorcyclists rides throughout the state, stopping at other recovery organizations where different activities are held.

While there have been challenges, COVID has not stopped the mission to help those in need. For those who would like to donate or volunteer, you can call 208-712-2173 or click here.