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Public Safety workers needed in Twin Falls

Posted at 5:28 PM, Sep 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-13 20:02:20-04

TWIN FALLS — The ongoing labor shortage is continuing to impact multiple industries across the Magic Valley. Now, Twin Falls City Hall is experiencing those same problems of trying to find new staff.

As more job opportunities are becoming available, the city has been working to find qualified candidates to fill those vacant positions, especially for the public safety department.

“We have three public safety jobs open at the moment, patrol officer, emergency dispatcher, and firefighter," said Kristen Kohntopp, The Recruitment Coordinator for the City of Twin Falls. "Those are kind of our major full-time openings at the moment.”

While trying to hire new workers already poses its own challenges, it's been even more difficult since these occupations typically include specific qualifications and could be high risk.

“Public safety positions tend to be a little bit harder to fill, just because of the requirements and then the background involved with them as well," said Kohntopp. "Some candidates can get weeded out throughout the background process, specifically for those.”

Until these positions get filled, city officials discussed that for the time being, they will be following their "One City" philosophy and try to help where and when it's needed.

“We’ll step up where we need to to help out," said Joshua Palmer, the Public Information Coordinator for the City of Twin Falls. "If that includes other officers assisting in other areas or if it includes other departments assisting in other areas, we’re certainly willing to do that.”

The city has been trying to spread the word out about these positions and has been posting online and through their social media pages to fill them. For anyone who may be interested, the city is encouraging them to reach out and apply as soon as possible.

“Our job applications are all online at," said Kohntopp. "Or, our direct human resources number is 208-735-7251.”