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New building goes up in Twin Falls

Posted at 7:07 PM, Mar 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-03 21:08:00-05

TWIN FALLS — Twin Falls is continuing to grow across numerous platforms, office space, housing, business, and industrialization. As this market continues to grow, more projects are looking to go a bit more outside in the box. This most recent project is looking to do just that.

Eastland Enterprise sets out to meet the demand that growing businesses need in terms of space. Ideally, developers and those leasing the property are hopeful that businesses that are in the retail industry occupy the space.

Economic Development Director of Twin, Nathan Murray, said, “A company like a Plant Therapy or something similar to that. Maybe it is a food vendor that is doing some sort of small-batch type of production of something. That would be a good space for them.”

The reason behind targeting the retail industry is primarily because of how the building was designed with warehouse spacing in the back and large open space towards the front.

Tyler Davis Jeffers, President of Summit Creek Development and the developer of this site, said, “A portion of unfinished space where you require large, overhead doors to move inventory or equipment in and out. And then the desire to have strong visibility for growing your brand or and your company and having that interface with your customers and clients in the front.”

So far several businesses have expressed interest the occupying the building, including clientele from out of state.

Steve Di Lucca, a Principal Broker with Colliers International Idaho said, “A lot of these folks that are moving here have in the past been in some very high-end industrial parks in the Seattle area, maybe California, San Francisco, Orange County. So they have an expectation of what they’re looking for and this provides a very very good move for them and their companies.”

Already some smaller tenants have made the move into the site and Summit Creek Development expects to move within 6-8 weeks. There are hopes that the rest of the building is filled soon.

Di Lucca said, “We’re coming into the best part of our marketing season right now and with the response that we’re having, I imagine we will be pretty well full up here in the next few months.