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Missing in America Project to lay two unclaimed Twin Falls veterans to rest

Posted at 5:33 PM, Apr 07, 2022

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — The Missing in America Project will lay to rest two unclaimed Twin Falls veterans and one veteran dependent this Friday at the Snake River Canyon National Cemetery.

The Missing in America Project is national veteran recovery program that teams with coroners, funeral homes, and cemeteries to find the identities of missing soldiers who haven't received military funeral honors.

Missing in America Project
Service time for Twin Falls soldiers being laid to rest.

Coleen Florke is the Idaho State Coordinator for the Missing in America Project and has a personal connection to the two men being laid to rest because of her relationship with the military.

"My dad was in the Navy and my dad was in World War 2 and both these gentlemen were in the Navy and they were in World War 2,” said Florke.

She also says it's an privilege to give military honors to these veterans and it makes her feel apart of their story

"We are giving them the honor that they deserve and you get attached to them and you know you become their champion, I guess. You want to make sure that they get the best,” said Florke.

Florke works along side Darryl Glanders who is the Cemetery manager for the Snake River Canyon National Cemetery. Glanders is a veteran who served for the Marine Corps and says these veterans are apart of a family.

“We treat each one of them like their family. They are our brothers and sisters and we’re going to look out for them,” said Glanders.

He also feels like this is a privilege to give these veterans military honors.

"I don’t see it as a job. This is a calling. This is an honor,” said Glanders.

Glanders' goal with the Missing in America project is to make sure no veteran is ever forgotten.

“No one is forgotten, and as long as we keep reading their names on the headstones, as long as we keep telling their story, they’re never forgotten. They’re always with us, and these veterans deserve that," said Glanders.

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