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Magic Valley Symphony performing this Friday

Posted at 5:23 PM, Apr 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-20 19:35:25-04

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — The Magic Valley symphony will perform a medley of pieces this Friday at the College of Southern Idaho.

The symphony will be accompanied by professional vocalist Jocelyn van Wyk who began her music career in Twin Falls.

After receiving her bachelor's in vocal performance from South Utah University, van Wyk studied at Cambridge where she earned her master's in opera performance. Now she is an actress, private voice teacher, an operatic stage director and the owner of Sego studios.

Van Wyk's love for music started when she went to classical concerts with her mother.

"I went to those concerts as a little kid, and I just fell in love with classical music; at that point and all music really because it was the gateway, it was the opening door to that," said van Wyk.

Before college, van Wyk was a percussionist and violinist for the Magic Valley Symphony. Ted Hadley has been the conductor of the Magic Valley Symphony for 32 years and said van Wyk has helped improve his program.

"One way that we grow is to have professionals come in and teach us better musicianship. To work with someone like Josie is like the flower of what I do," said Hadley.

Hadley spoke about the importance of fine arts and what it brings to a community.

"Music amplifies the quality of life that we have here in the Magic Valley. Twin Falls is one of the most important centers for volunteer musicians in the whole state," said Hadley.

Van Wyk also recognized the sacrifice these musicians make and the importance of music programs in towns like Twin Falls.

"They are coming here and volunteering their time and their evenings away from their family to come and create something beautiful because they love it, and they want to share it with the community. These programs really do enrich the lives of children, of adults, of all community and coming and supporting them helps us to continue," said van Wyk.

To purchase tickets for the symphony this Friday click here, and for how you can support local programs like the Magic Valley Symphony, click here.