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Lincoln County Hotline partners with Wood River Valley Crisis Hotline

Posted at 11:30 PM, Jul 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-30 01:30:47-04

TWIN FALLS — The Lincoln County pandemic hotline has recently partnered with the Wood River Valley Crisis Hotline to serve residents in the community more efficiently. The partnership between the hotlines started July 15th when Wood River reached out to Lincoln as a token of gratitude. “It was done in recognition in the fact that a good portion of our workforce lives in those areas, and we want to give our support,” said Wood River Crisis Hotline Executive Director, Tammy Davis.

Although Wood River will start handling more of the phone calls that come in, they will be redirected to the Lincoln Hotline when a request for supplies comes in from that area to provide more local service.

The organizer of the Lincoln County Hotline, Karma Fitzgerald,volunteered her services to help her community. She is very excited that a professional staff will now be assisting in her work. “The people at the hotline are trained to handle any situation. They’re there 24/7, 365, and they’re bilingual, so it really is an opportunity for the people of Lincoln County to have access to greater services.”

The services will remain the same in providing materials to families in people in need. Food, masks, safe hygiene products, and a whole range of supplies will be attainable through the hotlines. “The hotline staff also does care packages for families with kids at home. They really work hard to build connections with the citizens that they serve and the services that would be able to provide help to anybody.”

The Wood River hotline will soon be hosting events in Lincoln County to provide more information and spread the word about how it will help residents and what other services they will be offering.

The phone number for the Lincoln County Hotline is still 208-727-7236 and the phone number for Wood River Crisis Hotline is 208-788-3596 and 208-578-4114 for the bilingual option.