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Idaho Fish and Game to host hunting and trapping classes

Posted at 5:43 PM, Aug 01, 2022

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) are planning to host hunting and trapping classes for the upcoming hunting season.

These classes will help teach the ethical practices of take and how to properly hunt and trap in the state of Idaho. Trapping is a practice commonly used by IDFG for wildlife management and is only used on healthy populations in the gem state.

“We want to put forward all the ethics, the respect for the animal, the respect for the other sportsman and the public so when they do go out and trap they are doing it the right way,” said Tanarae Alberti, volunteer hunter education coordinator.

IDFG will go through every facet to prepare anyone about the practices of trapping and the ethical approach to this form of take.

“It’s going to teach you some of the skills of what it takes to be a trapper, introduction to the equipment and it also teaches a lot about ethics of how to be an ethical and proficient trapper,” said Terry Thompson, Regional Communications Manager for Magic Valley IDFG.

Many people worry about accidentally running into a trap or having a dog caught in a trappers equipment but trappers do what they can to avoid this issue. Many trappers focus on only catching what they set up for and capturing anything else is a failed attempt at trapping.

“When a trapper puts out a trap, its costs them a lot of time and effort to be able to do this so when they go back out to check there trap, they want what they needed to trap in it. Not a dog or something incidental,” said Alberti.

Dogs being caught in traps is a rare instance that is usually caused by a dog being off leash or being in a remote area away from designated trails. IDFG remindes all pet owners to keep their animals close, on leash and in areas that are designated for hiking.

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