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Idaho Fish and Game to host bear seminar

Black Bear
Posted at 5:00 PM, May 31, 2022

JEROME, Idaho — Idaho Fish and Game will host a community presentation on bears at the Community Campus Auditorium in Hailey June 3.

There will be three speakers covering multiple topics on bears, wildlife, recreation and ways to stay safe if you encounter animals in the wild.

Sierra Robatcek is a wildlife biologist and has seen the side effects of human being close to bears in the wild.

"Unfortunately, we all know the saying, ‘A fed bear is a dead bear’ and so it’s really on us humans to try and keep our wildlife wild and safe as well as ourselves, as well as our neighbors, as well as our pets,” she said.

Last week two grizzly bears were euthanized in eastern Idaho after searching for food in populated areas. The mother and her cub were relocated away from the area in 2020 but returned again this year prompting the euthanizations.

“They had become food conditioned bears, which was a result of getting access to whether it was garbage or dog food on porches or bird feeder,” said Robatcek.

The presentation will show people what to do to avoid bear encounters and how you can stay safe while outdoors.

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