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Idaho Dairymen's Association providing COVID-19 information in Spanish for Idaho's dairy workers

Posted at 4:38 PM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 11:06:28-04

MAGIC VALLEY, Idaho — According to the Idaho Dairymen's Association, about 90% of Idaho Dairies' workforce wasn't born in the United States--and a big chunk of them speak Spanish.

That's why the Idaho Dairymen's Association is working to make coronavirus information available in both English and Spanish. They've given resources directly to dairymen all over Idaho so they can distribute them directly to their workforce.

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"Everything from information on what is part of the different legislative packages that have passed congress in the past few weeks, all the way to signs they can print off and post in their dairies in English and Spanish that encourage things like social distancing and hand washing," said Rick Naerebout, CEO of the Idaho Dairymen's Association.

The goal is to make sure everyone has the information they need to go about their day safely.

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The Idaho Dairymen's Association has also made online resources available in both English and Spanish for local dairies operating in this unprecedented time. If you'd like more information, click here.

La Asociación de Lecheros de Idaho ha puesto a disposición recursos en inglés y español para las lecherías locales que operan en este momento sin precedentes. Si desea más información, haga clic aquí.