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Hotel opens doors to first responders

Posted at 6:33 PM, Apr 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-24 11:48:11-04

TWIN FALLS — The Fairfield Inn and Suites in Twin Falls has been struggling with business lately as commercial travel has become very limited since COVID-19. So, the hotel decided in order to generate some business and give back to the community, they would offer first responders and medical personnel rooms at a discounted rate.

Due to the lack of COVID-19 cases in Twin Falls, there haven't been many first responders taking up the offer to stay at the hotel. However, for those who have stayed during this time, the majority have been nurses.

"It’s mainly traveling nurses. Those who have had to come in and help cover for potential nurses who are sick or just for the influx of patients or testing and things," said hotel manager Curtis Hansen.

Other medical personnel are staying at the hotel to avoid the risk of getting anyone in their home sick.

Some travel has still taken place during this time, resulting in non-emergency workers staying at the hotel. Many hotel guests are those visiting on business, and the hotel staff must do their best to keep all guests safe.

The more public areas in the hotel, such as the restaurant and bar, are completely closed off, and the hotel is taking extra measures to make sure everything is clean. Fairfield Inn and Suites has even assigned floors for first responders to limit as much contact with other travelers.

Hotel staff has been able to remain positive during this time, knowing that they're offering a service that is appreciated by the community and emergency services.

St. Luke's public relations manager Michelle Bartlome says the service is an answer to a major need.

"Across the nation, temporary housing for healthcare workers and other first responders is a critical need, and many organizations, including some locally are offering a lending hand," said Bartlome. "We appreciate the community businesses and organizations for their offers of support."