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Hoping to get into yoga? This week is the perfect chance.

Posted at 4:44 PM, Jun 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-02 20:23:22-04

TWIN FALLS — It is Idaho Yoga Week and multiple gyms, studios, and independent teachers are giving people the chance to see if yoga is for them.

Free classes will be offered all week and certain places are offering deals for those trying a new hobby.

Amy Toft has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has been an independent teacher for two. She feels this week gives people the opportunity to try something new.

“It’s a great way to experience personalities and teachers from all different studios," said Amy "So, even if you’re an experienced yogi, you will probably try something new. But if you’re brand new it’s still all so great and you can come and do it.”

While some may be hesitant, Amy is trying to encourage people to try since there is a wide range of different types of yoga, teaching styles. She also says it's a great way to get out and interact with people.

“So you get to sample all different teachers. You can come and go as you like. You can take all the classes or just one class. Just bring your own mat or your own beach towel if you don’t have a mat. It’s a great way to try and start yoga,” said Amy.

While most people think of yoga as a way to meditate or be calm, there are other benefits it can have.

“It’s good for your brain, left and right brain activities. You remember the things that you do. It’s excellent for your body, for flexibility, for strength.”

Several students from Amy's chair yoga class shared how much yoga has helped them in their life both mentally and physically.

“As we age we tend to let ourselves go a bit," said Mike Gibson. "We don’t stay as active and doing yoga has proven to be pretty helpful in gaining flexibility.”

This has been Mike's first trying yoga. He said it helped him in keeping his balance, which has declined over recent years.

Julie Remington has been taking Amy's class recently and is loving different positions that push her to new limits.

“To hold a position in yoga is intense," said Remington. "But to put the positions together, I don’t know all the names of everything, but it’s really a strength-building workout.”